Exercitatio Fenae is a sustainable, genderless jewellery brand based in Greece. Our jewellery is a form of self expression, a materialization of our creative thoughts, a symbol that introduces the identity of the wearer to others. Intertwining materials, feelings and ideas into physical, wearable art. Every piece is designed through a continuous dialogue between creator and material with the aim of accentuating the form and constructing our individual truths. In our effort to eliminate waste, all our designs are made to order.


Exercitatio Fenae is the creation of jewellery designer Fenia Godosidou . After completing her bachelor in Business and Marketing, she went on to study Silversmithing at Mokume. Promptly, she formed her own studio in Thessaloniki and materialized her creative visions by creating her brand, Exercitatio Fenae , which she characterizes as a reflection of her self.